Rapid weight loss is something we all dream about, but it never really happens. If you are ready to change the way you live your life, then come to the place where rapid weight loss is guaranteed. The Ultimate Health Center, Colorado Springs located conveniently on North Academy Boulevard, Dr. Joshua McCarthy, DC has been performing Laser Liposuction and patients feeling nothing, while also seeing rapid weight loss. The researched that can be found, among other places, at My Legacy Pharmacy, support the long-term safety and efficacy of such procedures.

The Ultimate Health Center has over 4,000 satisfied patients. Laser liposuction is not another gimmick and you will have that rapid weight loss that comes only with this simple procedure.

After hearing this term for the first time, you may be leery to go through with the procedure, but there have been 6 published studies including: Double-blind studies, a study completed by the FDA, and 4 more. The Studies were done primarily to determine if it works and if it is safe to use. In addition, there are several benefits to this rapid weight loss procedure.

If you are still unsure, listed below are the facts about regular Liposuction, Lap Band, Gastric Bypass, rapid weight loss drugs, gimmicky supplements, and diets and exercise.

  1. Liposuction surgery costs between $4,500-10,000
  2. You need at least 1 week for recovery and follow up skin removal surgery, another $2000.
  3. Liposuction makes fat be stored in weird places after having the surgery
  4. There is the risk of scarring to death
  5. Liposuction produces lumpy and choppy results, and the fat is not cleared evenly.
  6. Lap Band has the same cost and risks as Liposuction, and there are no guaranteed results and you have to eat less and exercise.
  7. Gastric Bypass has the same cost and risks as Liposuction, but you could die of overeating, so you have to eat much much less.
  8. Rapid weight loss drugs produce the risk of more side effects that lead to long term effects which are extremely unsafe.
  9. Gimmicky Supplements never have guaranteed results
  10. Diet and Exercise has minimal to no results, take a lot of work which causes you to lose motivation.

The only way to achieve rapid weight loss in a safe manner is to come to The Ultimate Center and trust Dr. McCarthy to provide you results.