Although you’ve probably heard of chiropractic, you may not know the many ways that it can actually help you. A Colorado Springs chiropractor can provide many benefits to pain relief and general health. Chiropractic treatment delivered by The Ultimate Health Center can have many advantages. Dr. McCarthy’s treatments may give relief for chronic back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, joint pain headaches, sciatica, and injuries from sports or accidents. Among the most common problems that cause people to seek the care of a chiropractor are back and neck pain.
In general, chiropractic adjustments can provide pain management for those with physically demanding jobs, athletes, or people who have had injuries. Even if you have never been in an accident or have never gotten a sports injury, a sedentary lifestyle can cause havoc to the spine. Just sitting all day, as many people do for their jobs, can lead to poor posture. The common forward head posture from frequently staring at smart phones, tablets, and computer screens can result in headaches, strain, and tension.


Slight misalignments of the spine can lead to improper body functioning, causing pain and poor health. These misalignments can come from injuries, degenerative conditions, or lifestyle. Areas of your body that you may not think are related to the spine can be affected by these misalignments. The proper spinal alignment can better enable the body to heal itself. Dr. McCarthy corrects spinal misalignments with spinal adjustments to restore the nervous system to better performance, helping your body to heal.


Chiropractic treatment uses techniques designed to gently correct misalignments. These adjustments help to relieve pain and restore normal function to your body — all without drugs or surgery. They can also aid your body’s overall health and wellness. Additionally, chiropractic relieves tension and brings relaxation.

Visit a Colorado Springs chiropractor to restore comfort and well-being to your life. Contact The Ultimate Health Center today to schedule an appointment with Dr. McCarthy to find out how he can help you with your specific health needs.