Double-Blind GreenwayStudy

Forty healthy men and women ages 18-65 years with a BMI <30 kg/m2 were randomized 1:1 to laser or control treatment. Subject’s waistlines were treated 30 minutes twice a week for 4 weeks.

American Academy of Anti-Aging Medical News

The study enrolled sixty-seven subjects between the ages of 18 to 65 years who satisfied the inclusion and exclusion criteria.


The question that immediately arises is, “How can light, when externally applied, be capable of inducing such a phenomenal effect at the cellular level?”

Fat Liquefaction: Effect ofLow-Level Laser Energy onAdipose Tissue

This study examined whether 635-nm low-level lasers had an effect on adipose tissue in vivo and the procedural implementation of lipoplasty/liposuction techniques

FDA Study Findings

Several published studies have revealed a unique biological effect in adipocytes following lowlevel laser stimulation.

The Efficacy of Lipo Laserin Body Contouring and FatReduction

In this study we explored the efficacy of the Lipo Laser in body contouring and fat reduction.